The Medjool Date

The Caramel Naturel Medjool Date is the premier variety of date. Larger and sweeter than other date varieties, the chewy flesh of the fruit is delightfully moist and plump, and has a rich, sweet flavor that can be likened to caramel with a hint of cinnamon. No pesticides, additives, or preservatives are used in the cultivation or packaging of Caramel Naturel Medjool Dates, making it a completely natural and exceptionally healthy food. Fat and sodium free, the Caramel Naturel Medjool provides for a nutritious 100% vegan and gluten free product with satisfying flavor and incomparable nutritional value. The Caramel Naturel Medjool Date can be incorporated into a variety of culinary styles and dishes. It pairs well with savory, acidic, or other sweet flavor combinations. The Medjool is a versatile fruit; both wholesome and gourmet. It can be enjoyed at breakfast alongside a morning cup of coffee, as an energy boosting and satisfying snack throughout the day, or as a healthy alternative to dessert or late night cravings. ***For additional health benefits, please see Nutrition Information. ***For additional culinary inspiration and wine pairings, please see Recipes.