12 oz Date Coconut Roll

12 oz Date Coconut Roll

The Caramel Naturel Date Coconut Roll is just simply and wonderfully that: dates and grated coconut. There are no added sugars or preservatives, making it a completely natural and exceptionally healthy snack. Fat, cholesterol, and sodium free, its simple composition provides for a delicious and satisfying 100% vegan and gluten free product.

Its richly flavored date center, soft and chewy, has a sweet caramel quality, with a hint of honey and the suggestion of cinnamon. Rolled in fresh grated coconut for texture and added sweetness, the flavor combination is decadent and exotic.

The Date Coconut Roll is a versatile food. Its flavors can be enjoyed at breakfast alongside a morning cup of coffee, as a quick energy boosting and satisfying snack throughout the day, or as a healthy alternative to dessert or late night cravings.

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